Nevis: The Caribbean’s Best-Kept Secret

When people think of the Caribbean, Nevis often floats under the radar. This tiny, unspoiled former British colony boasts perennially sunny skies, turquoise waters and pristine beaches. We guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it! Read more on this post to understand why Nevis is the Caribbean’s best-kept secret.

Why should you spend your holidays in Nevis?

When it comes to holidays in the Caribbean one thing usually comes to mind – lying on a hotel beach surrounded by crystal-clear waters and equipped with relaxing spas and picture-perfect views. A tiny handful visits the Caribbean for an adventure holiday or to experience the authentic and diverse culture that the islands have in abundance. Tyler Brown Travel is sure to change this perception and give travellers a rounded view of the Caribbean’s best-kept secret. From the charming 18th century architecture to the 14,000 friendly locals, you’ll quickly understand why the island of Nevis has its motto as ‘Nevis Nice’! 

Nevis Peak Volcano

What to do and see in Nevis

Although it is not quite on the radar, Nevis is a place where the rich and famous seem to enjoy visitingNevis is one of the most beautiful and relaxing islands within the Caribbean. Covering just 36 square miles, the island sits approximately 150 miles south east of the Virgin Islands, and 50 miles south-west of Antigua. Nevis is an intensely green, sunhat shaped sanctuary with long white sand beaches, turquoise waters and old-style charm. Its capital, Charlestown, is a small, picturesque affair lined with Georgian stone buildings and a sociable, village-like atmosphere. There are plenty of enjoyable days to be had seeking out the islands old sugar plantations and hiking into the forest inland. Added to this adventurous landscape are untouched diving sitesgame fishing and a laidback attitude to life – all of which makes holidays in Nevis so appealing. 

The Volcano Nevis Peak

In the centre of the island, there is one of Nevis’ most incredible sights – the (mostly) dormant volcano of Nevis Peak. At 3,232 feet high, Nevis Peak provides a challenge even for the experienced hikers. On days when the Peak is completely free of clouds, travellers with a spirit of adventure will sense the mountain signalling the promise of amazing views. Not only of Nevis itself but also out over the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

One of the best ways to get around the island is on foot. Nevis is large enough to find places to discover every day but small enough to cover the ground and get a good taste for all it has to offer. Hiking holidays are popular in Nevis. The islands merited reputation as a tropical paradise does not disappoint, and what better way to enjoy it than after an exhilarating day on the trail? 

Join Tyler Brown Travel on a trekking and hiking adventure for an unforgettable Caribbean holiday experience. 

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