2 Day Package 2 Tank Scuba Dive

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No two dives are the same. Every time you dive you see other creatures, and discover new spots. Certified divers, join us for this two day package and experience three 3 hour dives with two tanks.

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We will explore your choice of sites from our surrounding coral reefs, wrecks, canyons, hot springs and drop-offs.

Choice of wreck sites

MV Corinthian and coral reef – a fully intact tugboat 70 feet down with a nearby reef system that tops out at 35-feet. You will see garden eels, large clams and stingrays.

MV River Taw – a freighter which sank in 1981 and is now broken in two. She is crusted over with coral and is home to many species of marine life such as squirrel fish, glass-eyed snappers, angelfish, rays, large schools of yellow tail snappers and the occasional sea-horse.

MV Christena – a ferry running between St Kitts and Nevis. On August 1st, 1970, it was overloaded with passengers, took on water and sank with a dramatic loss of life.

HMS Solebay – a 28 gun frigate lost on the first day of the Battle of Frigate Bay in 1782. The captain set fire to her to prevent her from falling into enemy hands and the gunpowder exploded. The remains are scattered on sandy bedrock and you can see anchors, cannons and other artefacts.

MV Talata – a freighter which sank after taking on water. Her now broken remains lie in 55 feet of water. She is home to large green moray, schools of squirrel fish and large puffer fish.

What to expect

All dives are boat dives led by qualified dive masters.

All diving equipment will be supplied.

Divers on this trip must be certified.

Juliet, your concierge, will finalise your scuba diving arrangements for you. You can make your own way to the beach or Juliet will book taxi pick-ups.

Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Diving days are consecutive or can be changed to suit your personal preference. Please note that the schedule may change due to weather conditions.

Water conditions

Water temperatures here are around 27ºC/80ºF with exceptional water clarity and visibility from 18-30 metres/60-100 feet. These conditions are constant all year round, unless there is a storm. It can be slightly colder between October and May so you may want to wear a 3mm full suit instead of a 3mm shorty. Nevis dive sites are more vulnerable to swells when the winds are high, but currents are light.

A lack of human activity and a 2-mile wide marine protected zone means that the coral reefs of St Kitts and Nevis are free from damage unlike other Caribbean islands. Our Soft Corals, Barrel Sponges, Tube and Ocean fans, are in top condition, while the many species of Hard Corals, such as our famous Pillar coral, continue to grow.

Conservation efforts have also attracted a healthy population of many different species of fish on Nevis’s coral reefs. You will also find four species of sea turtle in or around Nevis, and all are endangered. You will encounter friendly nurse sharks, rays and marine mammals in your dives.

And on St Kitts and Nevis, you will have all this underwater beauty to yourself. With only a few dive operators in these sister islands, it is unusual to encounter another dive craft on the same site as you.

Refresher Course

We offer a refresher course for certified divers who haven’t dived for some time.  The 3-hour course consists of a short briefing session, shallow water practice, and a 1 tank dive.

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Boat Charter

Sail up the coast of St Kitts and Nevis for a 4-hour perspective of the islands that you just can’t get on land.  Look out for the sea turtles, dolphins, friendly nurse sharks, and whales and other tropical marine life.

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1 Tank Scuba Dive

Approx. 2 hrs
Certified divers

Join us for this short scuba dive experience. You will enjoy a one tank short dive to about 30-35ft on a beautiful coral reef.

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