Horse Trekking


It is many people’s dream to gallop in the sea. Here on Nevis, we can make your dream of horse riding along a beach come true. Nevis made a top-six list of recommendations in answer to the question “where is the best place to go horseback riding in the Caribbean?”.  The recommendations are based on the rides which provide the best scenery and beaches, as well as the destination with the best overall vacation experience. Nevis has beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise waters, historic trails and quaint villages for you to trek through on horseback. You can ride at whichever skill level you’re able. One of the most romantic things to do in the Caribbean is partner with a horse to ride through the rose golds of the sun setting on sand and sea. If it’s on your bucket list to ride along a beach, tick it off with Nevis Adventures.

beach and trail

$ 85 pp

  • Appr. 90 min
  • 6 yrs and up

Beginners to experienced, ages 6 years and older – ride on the beach, on historic trails and through Nevisian villages. Bring the kids! We specialise in family group rides.

The most popular ride is the Nevis beach and trail ride, which begins with a walk past Ft. Ashby, the first fort on the island built in 1650, leading you to one of the many secluded beaches on Nevis. Along the way, you will pass Nelson’s spring, a beautiful lagoon where clipper ships once filled up with fresh drinking water.

As you continue through Calhoun Estate where you will see Brahma cattle and, in the distance, St. Thomas’ Anglican Church, the oldest active Anglican Church in the Caribbean (1643). You then turn east and slowly climb the mountain slope to Paradise Estate, where you will see ruins of a sugar mill and, a little farther off, the magnificent estate homes at Four Seasons. Your ride then continues through the bush, above the Four Seasons world-renowned golf course, to several grand local homes.

You continue through the village of Barnes Ghaut, more bush and on to the village of Cotton Ground, which derives its name from the production of cotton in years past. The people of this village are warm and friendly, and you don’t want to forget the name of your horse because the young children, who know the horses, will question you as to which one you are riding.

Our horse-riding adventures are complete equestrian experiences with superb horse riding for able riders. The trails provide unforgettable horse riding along white sandy beaches

sunset ride

$ 95 pp

  • Appr. 90 min
  • the north to south beaches

This 90-minute ride takes you mostly on the beaches from north to south and then reversed. Start time depend on the time of year and be sure to bring your camera! Our sunset ride will require that all riders be at our stable by 4:15pm. If there are more than 4 people you need to be with us by 4:00pm. The ride will leave the stable no later than 4:30pm. We will not take a ride out any later than 4:30pm to avoid riding in the dark and risking the safety of our riders and horses.

Private Riding

$ 55 pp

  • Appr. 90 min

Riders with skills above the beginner/novice level may choose to do more than a walk. If that is the case you can trot, canter and gallop on a ride tailored to your level. This faster paced ride covers more ground than the regular ‘timed’ rides. Please do not overstate your skill level! Helmets are required.


Nevis is simply unforgettable experience in my whole life! The horseback highlight was a scenic ride on the coastline which is fab! Everything was beautiful! BUT my adventure ends on a disaster due to my fault, upon getting off the horse, I misstep on the platform causing me to fall and nearly broke my front tooth! Whoa, what a day! Got a big bruise on my upper thigh because of this nevertheless accident happens, life lessons! BUT still fabulous!

“Fun and Authentic”

We had an amazing time riding around with our guide Navin, who is the local jokey champion. He really understands horses and it is a pleasure to watch him work. On top of that he is a fascinating guy with interesting stories. We also loved talking to Erica and her kids after the ride. They produce organic Noni juice on site, which we bought and brought back with us to mix into our smoothies every morning. Thanks for the great tour and friendly hospitality guys.

“Great experience”

Had a real good time had a chance to see some beautiful views of the island while riding the horse. Navin was excellent as well as the young lady that helped me out. Would recommend to anyone.

“Sunset Horseback Ride”

We were so happy with our experience! Navin was spectacular as our guide. He genuinely cared about safety and showing us beautiful Nevis. We recommend this wonderful experience. We were on the sunset ride 4:30 to 6pm.