Join us on our hike up to Nevis Peak and indulge in a lifetime experience. Along the way you’ll be introduced to plant and animal species natural to these elevations and conditions. 985 meters (3,231 ft.) high climbing the peak whilst exploring the beautiful island from an angle which you have never experienced before. Glance at the stunning views from a distance and the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

On our hiking trek you will experience spectacular views from the top of Nevis Peak. We can also take you along a nature trail visit to visit cocoa trees, healing plants, bamboo fields and many different herbs. You will also see the rainforest; waterfalls and you will also have a choice to taste the water as you walk along the trail!

Nevis peak hike

$60 pp

  • Appr. 4 hrs

The hike usually begins and ends in Zetlands, which is not far from Ginger Land. This hiking will entail travelling up to the Nevis Peak which is (3,231 ft.) and provides one of the greatest first-hand opportunities to see the interior of this relatively undeveloped mountain.

The climb is suitable for all levels of hikers/climbers, although with several challenging and adventurous sections. There is an abundance of natural vegetation providing a wide canopy and unparalleled views over a wide expanse of the island. In the distance you will be able to see Charlestown the capital of Nevis and on a clear day, neighbouring islands, Saint Kitts, Montserrat and Antigua.

Nevis Natural Hike

$60 pp

  • Appr. 3 hrs

Take this restful challenging hike to the nature trail where your tour begins at the ruins of old Russell Plantation in the Parish of Saint James which dates back as far as the 16th century.

On the tour route you will see remnants of Nevis’ past sugar plantation history and learn about the site origin and what took place there. We will walk pass an abundance of natural vegetation, lush tropical rain forest, enchanting ravines and waterfalls forming the base for water in Saint James Parish. You will also view the diverse flora and fauna, cocoa trees as well as a variety of fruit trees.

Enjoy breath-taking vistas of the Atlantic Ocean.