Turkey is all about fascinating beauty set within a satisfying mixture of both scenic mountains and charming seaside resorts. With an abundance of sightseeing to be had along with five-star mega-resorts for families and the underground city of Istanbul, it’s no wonder that it holds its place firmly as a popular holiday destination.

At a Glance:

Visit the heart of the country – Istanbul. This city is a vibrant mix of Roman architecture, Byzantine churches, Ottoman mosques and palaces to name but a few. Whilst here, be sure to have a walk around the bustling busy bazaars where you can sample the delicious Turkish cuisine and haggle for those little treasures you find along the way!

Bodrum, Marmaris and Izmir are not to be missed if you are a sun worshipper! Boasting the best beaches in the country, you must pay a visit to one of these if you really want to enjoy a relaxing day on the Mediterranean coastline.

Visit the Cappadocia rocky valley and take a hot air balloon ride. The perfect blend of the lunar landscape and unique hills amongst the Byzantine churches creates a classic bucket list dream for many travellers.

Visit the Roman Theatre of Aspendos which celebrates the pomp and ceremony of Marchs Aurelius’ empire. It’s considered to be the finest remaining symbol of a classic age theatre that is still standing in the world.


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