Weddings and Honeymoons in the Caribbean

Ever dreamt of getting married in the tropical paradise of the Caribbean? With our wide range of products and services, you can!

We cater for all budgets and requirements so we can make your dream wedding a reality!

A more exclusive yet affordable island to get married on is Nevis, there’s not even a residency requirement, other than the bride or groom to be staying on the island for a minimum of two days before the wedding.

You need a marriage licence and your ID documents.  Read more about Nevis marriage requirements and the ceremony options available to you here. For other Caribbean destinations, please contact us and we can provide all the accurate information required for your big day!

Why Nevis is the best Caribbean wedding and honeymoon destination

Many people haven’t heard of Nevis, but those who have known it for its luxury, privacy and unspoilt beauty.

Nevis is the best Caribbean wedding destination because it epitomises a true Caribbean getaway.  You will have those idyllic palm-tree bordered beaches all to yourselves for some true “together alone” time. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you may want to explore the rainforest and meet its residents monkeying around. Or hike to the top of Nevis Peak to see our Caribbean blue seas and skies. Tick off that bucket list item of horseback riding on sunset sands and refreshing sea spray.

Learn about sea turtle nesting, and even take part in a night-time beach-walking tour to witness this amazing phenomenon of nature for yourself at the right time of year.

With Tyler Brown Travel you can have all this wedded bliss even if you are on a tight budget.  Our affordable villa and apartment accommodation means you can bring your entire wedding party to the Caribbean without ruffling everyone’s financial feathers.  Or have that honeymoon you’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank.

What are the advantages of a wedding abroad?

Your wedding will be exotic and very different from the standard format of ones in the UK. You don’t have to keep up with the Jones’s or even out-do them either.
The day will be all about you and your personalities, and less about impressing your guests.

What about a beach wedding with blue skies and seas, and a gentle breeze? (Remember though, a Catholic ceremony must take place in a church on Nevis).

  • Getting married abroad can often be less expensive than the average British wedding. Many couples buy their own tickets and, while the bride’s family may pay for the wedding package, it’s acceptable for guests to pay their own way.
  • You are limited to only inviting your very nearest and dearest, making it very intimate (and it provides a genuine reason for not inviting everyone you’ve ever met and causing offence).
  • It is the best of both worlds, spending quality time with your family on holiday, and getting married. It means your wedding is much affordable than a huge bash in the UK too.
  • The weather is practically guaranteed, meaning picture-perfect photographs!

And you don’t have to leave the party early to jet off on honeymoon – you’re already there!

Affordable Caribbean Weddings

One disadvantage of marrying abroad is that friends and family may not find a Caribbean wedding affordable. That’s where Tyler Brown Travel can help – our affordable accommodation means you can have your dream Caribbean wedding whatever your price range!

Marrying abroad is perhaps best suited to small close-knit parties who have agreed that they can take the time off to travel for an affordable Caribbean wedding. This laid-back Caribbean idyll is ideal for low-key weddings – perhaps for your second time around? You can even keep your wedding to just the two of you for that ultimate romantic indulgence. Or just come here on your honeymoon, for magical “together alone” time!

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