Budget Caribbean Weddings and Honeymoons

Is it possible to get married on a Caribbean beach on a budget? We have got the answer and this is Nevis: Getting married in Nevis is quite affordable! There is no residency requirement, though either the bride or groom needs to be on the island for at least two days before the wedding. You […]

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Ecotourism in Nevis

The ecology of the Caribbean island of Nevis is preserved and protected by state ownership of the beaches and the prohibition of construction beyond a thousand feet above sea level. The island, therefore, is the perfect place for ecotourism. It has miles of almost deserted beaches and rain forest trails for hiking and biking amongst […]

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What people are expecting from stress-free holidays

How often do you say to yourself  ‘I need to get away from it all! In a financially-driven modern world where ‘dollar’ and deadlines dictate, it is hardly surprising that people are struggling to cope with the demands placed on them. Stress-related mental health problems are at an all-time high; job satisfaction levels are low. […]

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Nevis: The Caribbean’s Best-Kept Secret

When people think of the Caribbean, Nevis often floats under the radar. This tiny, unspoiled former British colony boasts perennially sunny skies, turquoise waters and pristine beaches. We guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it! Read more on this post to understand why Nevis is the Caribbean’s best-kept secret. Why should you spend your holidays […]

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